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Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Christmas that I will miss.

I am really proud to say that I was always a Kapamilya. Ever since! I also admit that I did like some shows of GMA and hated some shows of ABS-CBN. But, the totality suggests that ABS-CBN completes what I am searching for in a TV Network, albeit it's the one that gives me the wholeness of being a Filipino. They know how to capture my kind of patriotic emotion, that is why I am more drawn into them.

Kapamilya's The Filipino Channel is not subscribed by my mom since we don't usually have the interest and the time to sit down and watch Filipino entertainment. Although, it is as regretable as it may seem but it certainly suggest that some people like us totally misses the centerpoint of Philippine chismis, a thing we all hate to love. Depressing. However, living in the first world gives the common person a whole lot to delve into--a different dimension of undertaking. It's a world of forget-leisure-love-work kind of a thing.

But, being busy doesn't always mean being productive. I just finished my first semester at University of New Brunswick and it was absolutely a relief that I was over. I felt that I hadn't learned at all and I wasn't myself when I started my semester. There was a total change of environment and I can't seem to control things around me. I took a total of 8 final exams from December 4 until December 18. It was such a drag! Now, it's Christmas--it's time to be happy!

I now realize the whole purpose of having to start a semester in September and end it in December. It is absolutely worth the wait. Christmas is the time where everyone wanted to go when things are done. I don't know if this type of school calendar is feasible in the Philippines but Gloria should give it a try.

Christmas in the Philippines is probably one of the best occasions where everyone has the opportunity to gather around. Especially, Filipinos all over the world get the chance to come back to their hometown and be with their family. Thinking about it just makes me wanna buy the plane ticket for the quickest route to Philippines. Ha!

Now is not the time. Youtube gives me a handy experience of what Pinoy christmas is without the expense of a $2000 one-way plane ticket. When I was in my Dumaguete apartment, I began to seek what completes my Christmas. Although I haven't experienced a complete Christmas yet, but one of my list is the ABS-CBN Kapmilya Christmas Station ID. They are just intrinsically captivating and very memorable. It is not just a facade of a true Filipino celebration but it emblems the true meaning of why Filipino should celebrate Christmas.

Let's put it this way. It gives me the goosebumps of extreme and ultimate hapiness. It is somewhat odd but you know that it's true. I just love to feel the simplistic value yet holistically impeccable. I know that I will miss Philippines. I will miss Dumaguete. I will miss being a Kapamilya.

But I know that I will still feel the kind of Christmas that I wanted... here's ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID.

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