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Monday, November 26, 2007

Calculus Professors are assholes!

I'm pissed off right now thinking that i wasn't able to pass my assignment about some "calculus of rainbows." Why would a sedentary man care about the angle of incidence (α), angle of refraction(β), and angle of deviation [D(α)] of the sun's rays entering the multitude sprinkles of water in the sky? Why would anyone care about the formation of the primary rainbow and the secondary rainbow? I guess Aristotle would, incorporated by the ideas of Descartes and Newton, then nerds would likely do so. So why would a common college student like me would give a f*ck about the shape, location, and colors of rainbows?

Could someone just explain D(α) = (α - β) + (π - 2β) + (α – β) = π + 2α - 4β and how these characters would make me rich? It is extremely not a common occurence where I find myself staring the sky with someone and luckily we both see a rainbow. I would just outrageously utter with coincidence that senseless irrational formula and we will both find ourselves shocked (as if the sky is sparkling like gold). That would never make sense (for both of us), even if I would play a know-it-all guy. These things just don't happen at all. Never!

My concept of Calculus professors haven't changed since I had my first taste of 3rd year Calculus in RTPM-Dumaguete Regional Science High School. They're completely weird and have a different sense of humor. In rare cases, they can teach very well. However, on common issues, they universaly regarded as perforated bunch of aliens with different understanding and standpoint kind-of-species having the resemblance of man. Where was I when God threw math/calculus genuity? Oh nevermind, come to think of it , I wouldn't be as normal as I would be now if I had caught the unique talent.

Now it's time to concentrate on the finals and virtually ace it with the help of Math Help Centre.

<---This is the bullsh*t that I've been taking.

Friday, November 23, 2007

What is a Toga Party?

A Toga Party is perhaps one of the oldest parties known to humanity. It's origins date back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. For many centuries this type of party was completely ignored by modern civilization until the movie Animal House saw fit to revive the popularity of this party. Most anybody who has any party sense in them should have at least some clue as to what a toga party is. Unfortunately to most people the thought of a toga party means only that everyone wears a sheet over their shoulder and that is it. Any one with only this impression is sadly mistaken and uninformed.

The Toga Party is a long and time honored tradition. Anyone deciding to partake in this type of celebration must be prepared to do justice to this timeless festival. All attendee's must choose their best sheet and drape it over their left shoulder in a manner that is both dignified and non-revealing,(especially for the female attendees), adding a crown of olive leaves can also be a nice touch. All party guests should keep in mind that while attending a Toga Party they must behave in a certain manner. This manner is usually best described as Bacchanalian,(after the Greek god of wine and merriment). All guests should do their best to be outrageous, while attempting to keep a regal air about themselves. (What the heck are you talking about? you may be asking yourselves at this time, well, we'll explain) The Greeks and Romans, especially the Romans, were known for the good times they had as well as the regal manner in which they all carried themselves. So, in order to do the party originators justice, anyone donning a toga with the intention of having a good time must keep these things in mind. In order to get a good idea as to what we mean, watch the movie Caligula, you'll see what we're talking about.

If you still haven't a clue then just follow these guide lines:

1) Only white sheets are acceptable as togas. No flower prints please.

2) Wine should be the drink of choice at such a party.

3) Have as much fun as possible.

4) Don't sacrifice any virgins.

The success of a Toga Party is up to the host. Guide lines can be set down to insure a good time for all involved. These could include things such as, everyone must wear a toga and all guests should try and act the part of a Roman. This could include the rule that there is to be no discussions involving modern day issues, try talking about the latest gladiator match at the coliseum instead. To add some authenticity and to the party, one of the guests or even the host could be appointed Emperor for the evening. This person would have supreme power over all of the other guests. The Emperor should be fair but also a bit eccentric. Such a character could add much color and excitement to the evening.

It is also a known fact that most toga parties turned into orgies by the end of the night. This is an ending that you can hope for, but don't push it. If this is indeed the ending you are going for then perhaps you should let your guests know ahead of time, just in case they have a headache that night.

Music: Nearly any type of music is acceptable, however if you really want to be authentic then you could go with some classical or traditional Greek music.

Food: Research into what the Ancient Toga Party goer's ate could be interesting. For conveniences sake just make sure to have some grapes and olives on hand.

Location: Anywhere is acceptable. This Party could become quite messy if the guests really get into the spirit of the event. A location other than your own house may be a good idea.

Underwear: Boxers are a must, unless of course you want to act like a true Roman, in which case you wouldn't wear any.


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