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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Operation: Christmas Cards

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One night in my apartment, I did not have any preoccupation going on although it was the first week of exams. I was just too relax because I know it's either do or die. And I chose die, of course. The over achiever son has long been gone and now came the laid-back son waiting for destiny to work it's miracles on him. It's crazy that I'm back at re-evaluation phase. Again. Nth time probably.

On these nights that I spent staring at the ceiling, I thought of sending Christmas cards to close friends. Why not be thoughtful of the friends you have while waiting for my grades to plunge. Excellent idea. I bought packs of Christmas cards (literally) and listed down the people whom I wanted to give my Christmas cards.

I got myself a checklist of groups of people. Canadians friends. Check. French friends. Check. Japanese friends. Check. Korean & Chinese (yes, I grouped them together). Check. Other international friends. Check. Filipino-Canadian friends. Check. Filipino friends who are in Canada. Check. Lastly, Filipino friends who are in Philippines. Blank.

Yeah, I don't know the address of the individual members of the herd in the Philippines. I wish I could just literally send it to Philippines and let the postman do the finding for me. If it was that easy, I wouldn't even bother writing this entry. So, to cut me some time of determining each address. I would like to ask help from my friends. If you want to receive a Christmas Card from me, please type your name and address in the comments page and I'll guarantee that you'll be receiving your piece of paper hailing from Canada.

That's all!

this is yo[u]

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