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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Operation: Christmas Cards

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One night in my apartment, I did not have any preoccupation going on although it was the first week of exams. I was just too relax because I know it's either do or die. And I chose die, of course. The over achiever son has long been gone and now came the laid-back son waiting for destiny to work it's miracles on him. It's crazy that I'm back at re-evaluation phase. Again. Nth time probably.

On these nights that I spent staring at the ceiling, I thought of sending Christmas cards to close friends. Why not be thoughtful of the friends you have while waiting for my grades to plunge. Excellent idea. I bought packs of Christmas cards (literally) and listed down the people whom I wanted to give my Christmas cards.

I got myself a checklist of groups of people. Canadians friends. Check. French friends. Check. Japanese friends. Check. Korean & Chinese (yes, I grouped them together). Check. Other international friends. Check. Filipino-Canadian friends. Check. Filipino friends who are in Canada. Check. Lastly, Filipino friends who are in Philippines. Blank.

Yeah, I don't know the address of the individual members of the herd in the Philippines. I wish I could just literally send it to Philippines and let the postman do the finding for me. If it was that easy, I wouldn't even bother writing this entry. So, to cut me some time of determining each address. I would like to ask help from my friends. If you want to receive a Christmas Card from me, please type your name and address in the comments page and I'll guarantee that you'll be receiving your piece of paper hailing from Canada.

That's all!

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Easter Bunny said...

denz for some reason i do not remember my complete address hahahaha i'm gonna pm you in friendster... weird noh?

this is yo[u]

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