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Friday, September 26, 2008

I am not running

Right. I am not running for office as a Kinesiology Representative of the whole faculty of Kinesiology. I find it a waste of time. Students are going to be apathetic anyway. No one will be going to any events. There is a slim chance that candidates who are interested in running will be just be mere public figure and would not do anything. Seriously! I've seen it before. Kudos to Kristina O'Brien who made herself different from the rest who ran in the faculty.

Getting my fellow students' signatures was a waste effort on my side. Thanks to the Chief Returning Officer who turned down my application. If she had said that SUB 126 was the Student Union Office, I would have known where it was. Did she say that the meeting was mandatory? Didn't I just see six representatives in there with the supervision of those alledgedly high-rank individuals who also handle useless positions? And yeah, there was a reporter or specifically the EIC of The Brunswickan. To recall, there are more than six faculties and there should be more than six individuals listening to the supposedly important things that she will be saying. Mandatory, yeah right!

To those who nominated me, I appreciate your efforts and I'm sorry but the system that elections are running on is fucked-up and I'd rather watch and see all the fiasco will arise.

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