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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Town House Toga Social 2009 (Wet/Dry)

As a member of Town House, an off-campus residence society at University of New Brunswick, annual events is oftentimes hosted and is expected to be hosted by this club. My favorite social is always the toga party annually held at SUB, an event that wasn't a wet/dry party until this year. This year, an out of the blue disk jockey named DJ QWALITY/QUALITY will be playing his mixes (see picture). After years of being vice-president, this year's Town House president is Michael Lewis. He and his team will be selling tickets at the door on November 14th.

(Photo courtesy of UNB Toga Social event page)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The love-torture music relationship

The love for pop music + the evolution or torture of its contemporary

I always loved music since I was born. The music on the radio oftentimes hums me to sleep during my childhood. My mom is always too tired from work to sing me to sleep. My nanny doesn't like singing me to sleep because her confidence lies only in singing in the bathroom. She wasn't bad. Buying a radio was always a good day for me because my mom would subsidize a portion of the money plus my saved money to buy any brand that I like (usually Sony). Choosing form, function, and features is usually on top of my mind with direct reference on the previous radio I have and thinking how to get a better one. My dad has a bad taste on radios, he doesn't come with me when I buy one.

Every radio that I owned is always tuned to my favorite station in town. Most radio stations of the small town that I live in plays pop music. This genre of music has been my base symphony where I expand myself into appreciating other types of genre. Most, if not all, people that I grew up with loved pop music. Pop music is life every music countdown. The music countdown is a fall back when one does not do anything on a Friday night. My classmates and I always talk about it on Monday the following week. During every weekend, I always study with a little humming music in the background--usually classical music--because that is how my brain progress forward by following the music.

Since Miley Cyrus released her single 'Party in the USA', I know that her song could be transcended from being a mere pop music. The title of the song is just ostensibly provocative that it can be understood from the hipsters of the south to the postmodernists of the east. And who doesn't like to party in the USA? None. Everyone likes to party even rednecks. I checked youtube for the evolution of Miley's 'Party in the USA' song and I was successful.

Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus (Official Music Video)

Miley's creativity was pushed further into techno and rap remixes. Check the best two techno remixes and best two rap remixes of the song below.

Miley Cyrus X PinkxMuffinX

Miley Cyrus X DJ Dark Intensity

Miley Cyrus X Konflict5206

Miley Cyrus X Mikey Jay

I also checked the interpretation of the video by various substrata of the population. Below are the best two video remixes for the lack of a better word.

Party in the FIP

Party in the MLC

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mag-Kuradang tang tanan!

Pahibalo: ang kani nga mensahe sa akong blog kay akong isulat ug sagol-sagol ug ininglis ug tagalog pero ang pinakasentro nga diyalogo kay binisaya or cebuano.

Usa sa akong mga paboritong sayaw kay ang sayaw'ng Kuradang sa mga taga-Bohol. Pagkanindot gyud sayawon kay abtik ang tokar sa musika. Ug si Max Surban ang gakanta, wa gyuy kalupig pa ana! Gikapuy nako ug tan-aw sa mga ubang sayaw sa atong nasud nga baling bati-a--ang mga ga-sayaw kay cge ra ug balik balik ug halos pareho sa uban pang mga sayaw--sulabi na nang mga sayaw nga gikan sa mga Kastila (special mention gyud anang mga sayaw nga naay Maria Clara nga costume ug ang Barong Tagalog...overused na kaayu oy!).

Ug sa dihang usa ka adlaw, sumo na kaayu ang akong mga gipangtan-aw sa Youtube. Nahinumduman man nako ang nidaog sa Folk Dance Competition katong Grade 4 ko kay ang KURADANG. Second place intawon ko oy kuyog akong mga kauban: ang gisayaw namo nga among gi-representar ang West City Elementary School kay sagol nga Pandanggo sa Ilaw ug Pandanggo sa Oasiwas. Ganahan nako itudlo sa mga Pilipino diri sa siyudad sa Fredericton nga garbo nako, nga usa ka-Bisaya, ang mulabyog ug Bisaya nga sayaw. Pirting lami-a aning Kuradang kay dili mag-mika ang show kay dili tinigulaw ang musika.

Akong pangutana sa akong kaugalingon kay, asa man ko magsugod para mahibalo ko sa sayaw ug matudlo nako? Mau ni ang sunod sunod nako nga website nga akong gihaw-as kung unsa juy mga abilidad aning internet nga ilang ginatawag. Ang una kay Google, ang ikaduha kay Youtube, ang ikatulo kay Imeem, ang ulahi ug ikaupat kay ang usa ka website nga nalimot ko pero didto nako gidagwit ang mp3 ni Max Surban.

Mau ni ang resulta sa akong pagsuroy suroy sa internet.

1) Kung wa moy alimohok kung unsa ang Kuradang, kini mao ang musika nga gitawag ug Kuradang nga gikanta ni Max Surban.


2) Sa akong pagbisita sa mga bidyo sa Youtube, akong gipili ang mga hanindot nga bidyo para ipanghinambog kaninyo ug inyong masaksihan ang ka-anyag sa pagsayaw. Mao kini ang mga bidyo. (Note: Captions of the Videos are in English)

Some Basic Steps featuring the students from St Joseph's Chapel of Mercedes Village and St Joseph's Village in Tagbilaran City dancing the Kuradang at Fiesta.

Some more Complex Steps featuring young dancers at the Balsa Tourism Project for Livelihood in Loboc River, Bohol. This is a famous tourist destination in Bohol.

A Kuradang Dance Interpretation by the University of San Carlos Dance Troupe at University of San Carlos in Cebu. I depicts dancers acting aged.

Lastly, this video represent adults dancing. Typically, Kuradang is a dance that is proximal to this age group. Just like this video.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Funny Video #8: A korean boy's version of MC

Remember Valentina Hasan of Music Idol from Bulgaria? Yes. The "ken lee" singer who butchered Mariah Carey's song Without You. There's another person who is challenging the position of the worst but funny version of MC's songs. A friend sent me a youtube link on facebook which I thought to be a virus at first. But since there was the word funny and youtube included in the message, I then went ahead and clicked on the link. It was (expletive) funny that I my jaw locked for a brief moment and then I laughed hard again. Hilarious!

I'm posting the videos below. Yes, it's double the pleasure because there are two videos. I don't know the name of this korean person but he sure knows how to get the melody of MC. The first song is We Belong Together. The second song is Tuts my Barreh (Touch my Body).

[김동원 live] 머라이어캐리 We Belong Together[With Subtitles]

Wait, there's more. It has lyrics like..."if there's a camel up the hill" and "rape me in my thighs".

Touch My Body (Tuts My Barreh) / Karaoke Fail (English subtitles)

[Videos by Youtube]

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I could be a college drop-out.

I think school is not for me. :( I'm sad about the realization.

Friday, January 9, 2009

All American-Rejects presents Womanizer: Better than Britney

I'm betting on the All-American Rejects version of Womanizer. It's just way sicker than Britney's side nude body on her video.

Agreed. If you are hooked, was hooked, or is still hooking on Britney's Womanizer song/video, hear and see it for the last time here. After that, listen to the new rhythm of AAR's version here.

(Videos courtesy of Youtube.com)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Operation: Christmas Cards

[Photo by: Product Reviews]

One night in my apartment, I did not have any preoccupation going on although it was the first week of exams. I was just too relax because I know it's either do or die. And I chose die, of course. The over achiever son has long been gone and now came the laid-back son waiting for destiny to work it's miracles on him. It's crazy that I'm back at re-evaluation phase. Again. Nth time probably.

On these nights that I spent staring at the ceiling, I thought of sending Christmas cards to close friends. Why not be thoughtful of the friends you have while waiting for my grades to plunge. Excellent idea. I bought packs of Christmas cards (literally) and listed down the people whom I wanted to give my Christmas cards.

I got myself a checklist of groups of people. Canadians friends. Check. French friends. Check. Japanese friends. Check. Korean & Chinese (yes, I grouped them together). Check. Other international friends. Check. Filipino-Canadian friends. Check. Filipino friends who are in Canada. Check. Lastly, Filipino friends who are in Philippines. Blank.

Yeah, I don't know the address of the individual members of the herd in the Philippines. I wish I could just literally send it to Philippines and let the postman do the finding for me. If it was that easy, I wouldn't even bother writing this entry. So, to cut me some time of determining each address. I would like to ask help from my friends. If you want to receive a Christmas Card from me, please type your name and address in the comments page and I'll guarantee that you'll be receiving your piece of paper hailing from Canada.

That's all!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Saving myself a gallon of coffee at a time.

October was definitely a tough month and no motivation has touched me, even a single pinch or poke. All I thought were problems that aren't even mine in the beginning. Tough training. Aside from that, midterms were just flying away like I haven't seen them coming. Now, I wish I would already message my Psychology professor and tell him that I missed my first midterm.

When I was in Philippines, October was usually a time for happiness or solitude or grief. I was mainly happy not because getting high grades was second nature but because the term is done. In Canada, October for me is a time for realization. The bad realization that I haven't been in class for too long. It is such a bitch to ask classmates for notes.

The formula for catching up is easy but takes lots of time. A day spent in the library is probably a day you'll never regret. It is the day times all the days of the week and times four because you'll spend quality time with yourself and your books for the fair fraction of your monthly schedule.

Expensive starbucks can sometimes be of help because it is just right in the corner of the library. My first meal of the day is coffee and some apple fritters. It is one of those times where a cup of coffee is just my first of the next fifteen cups to drink on a single day, I'm glad that my diuretics aren't complaining. I'm just probably mindless.

I found refuge in coffee. I hope it's a good thing.

So, where are the beers?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just another Odyssey

I was browsing the photos from the flicker account of IIUM AUDC a few days ago. I realized that two years had already past since I was at Ateneo AUDC- it was last 2006. It is safe to say that it was my first international university debate tournament and my actual first tournament in the world of debating.

Being in Ateneo was definitely great time. After that, I missed the ITB AUDC as well as the recently concluded IIUM AUDC. I don't know when I will be joining again the 'trois a trois' parliamentary. However, I always keep myself updated when I always check the tabs at the end of each AUDC. Thanks to Colm Flynn or Alfred Snider.

Was it the Glenn Effect? Because he hasn't won many major tournaments yet. Or was it the Gica Effect? The new member of the A-team. Or was it the Chars Effect? Whatever that is. In any way, I think they could have done better. Four consecutive wins is probably too much for an institution.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

So this is thanksgiving?

[Photo courtesy of Google Images]

Celebrations in Canada could be the lamest of all. The second sunday of October is Thanksgiving and I don't feel the atmosphere of thanksgiving. At all. What is thanksgiving anyway? Although this is my second thanksgiving in this country. It has always been about turkey and potatoes: food. Where is thanksgiving there? It's a very commercialized celebration where turkeys run for their lives. Thank you but I'd rather stick with my chicken.

this is yo[u]

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