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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just another Odyssey

I was browsing the photos from the flicker account of IIUM AUDC a few days ago. I realized that two years had already past since I was at Ateneo AUDC- it was last 2006. It is safe to say that it was my first international university debate tournament and my actual first tournament in the world of debating.

Being in Ateneo was definitely great time. After that, I missed the ITB AUDC as well as the recently concluded IIUM AUDC. I don't know when I will be joining again the 'trois a trois' parliamentary. However, I always keep myself updated when I always check the tabs at the end of each AUDC. Thanks to Colm Flynn or Alfred Snider.

Was it the Glenn Effect? Because he hasn't won many major tournaments yet. Or was it the Gica Effect? The new member of the A-team. Or was it the Chars Effect? Whatever that is. In any way, I think they could have done better. Four consecutive wins is probably too much for an institution.

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