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Monday, May 26, 2008

Bad surprise, upset, and shocker

Words were flying out of my mind as soon as I heard/read/witnessed the series of unfortunate news. Yet, I still kept mum since my opinion doesn't matter anyway. I might have been watching too much Jackie Chan Rush Hour Movies since The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian didn't impress me that much. Fury lighted up from a bad surprise, dismay overflowed from an upset, and a parent-like disappointment evolved from the shocker.

The story of bad surprise

I don't really know myself much in terms of surprises because my whole life haven't been surprising at all. In all the experience's worth, it was more on spontaneity rather than a jump of overjoy. If something was happening, it could be compared to a hilly billy chart. My adventure could rather be a spontaneous downhill or a spontaneous uphill from there on. It's like going to Earlfordshire avenue to rehab the lazy man. The real cause of my fury is a petty madness over the wrong choice that my mom made over the Havaianas slippers she bought. It's mainly superficial and very worldly but I wasn't expecting that she's going to buy a pair without a soon-to-be-ownver consultation. I can't even believe myself that I felt a hard constriction in my chest when I knew she already bought a pair. And it's a metallic blue size 11 and another metallice green. I didn't even liked those colors! It could have been better if it was a metallic silver for neutrality, and please, not brown, it's hideous!

I could have chosen better if she let me. These Havaianas Brasil 2008 edition could have compensated if she chose a wrong shoe size. I can't believe that I'm living an adage of "expect the unexpected.

The story of an upset

Rona was EVICTED. How upsetting is that? More like a downsetting...but whatever, the deserving got evicted!

The story of the shocker

It's hard to say but I have to say it! Another team got the AUDC championship title... bye bye to three years of filipino dominance in asian debating.

Although I'm happy Glenn was still named Best Speaker of the tourney.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

the past happening

Being exiled is probably the best thing you could give to yourself at the start of spring slash summer weather. It's a suggestion, why don't you try it! Staying away from others feels like rehab to me (in a very good way), even if, feeling lonely was a bit of a side-effect only to find out my new restructured self has grown better as well as the grass at my lawn gets greener. Not that everything has flown smoothly according to my planned plans, but it has withdrawal effects that pose danger to a newly sculpted personal ideals. Just imagine the thoughts when you're just on your self... and the ideas are up to you to decide.

Not that I'm super-proud of a new free life, but my mom is coming back to town. Silly, but it's not the Freddy beach. She's back in Philippines for third world cheap shopping and do some catching up with the old folks. It seems that my grandparents' "prodigal" daughter is back after-all not to mention the 7 years of exile in Province du Nouveau Brunswick (unrelated definition to my exile). Since shopping was one of her agenda, I tagged along my long list of things only-found-in-the-Philippines-for-a-good-deal. Not bad for those two luggages she brought along with her.

I wonder for myself on when can I be back to visit little Dumaguete. The times were interesting when I left, I wonder if it could be as interesting when I get back. Well, worrying the French Revolution is the last thing in mind so why should Dumaguete be any difference.

No one is claiming any buffet. For now, let the mice play....

Thursday, May 15, 2008

1000th view

I don't know why but my blog has been viewed 1000th times. There may not be alot of people viewing this but I am thankful that people visit my blog. Thanks!

this is yo[u]

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