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Friday, February 29, 2008

Spring Break 2008

SPRING BREAK officially starts now! Where are you heading? Cancun looks good to me...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The 11 planets of the solar system, did I just say 11?

I did not go to my Physiology class today even if it wasn't cancelled. I just felt tired and lazy and it's almost MARCH BREAK, so who cares? The Freddy Beach just had a snowstorm yesterday so people are busy cleaning the 30 centimeters pile of snow. It's quite alot but not as much as what I had experienced during Christmas. Instead of going to class, I headed to the awesome HIL Library to do some time killing. If I had gone to class, I would have also waited a significant amount of minutes while waiting for my professor to stop and drive down to my volunteer program at the aboriginal's gradeschool. Since I'm lazy, I'd rather stay at the library.

As I was browsing over the internet, not exactly google, I stumbled to this article at Yahoo! but it was actually borrowed from the site of the Machinist. It had a title saying "A new way to memorize names of 11 planets." I was entirely expelled by the sound of the title. I didn't even know that there were already 11 planets wandering around the solar system. Questions were running in my head and I quickly clicked the links with no apparent hesitation. The news became so odd to me since when I was in elementary i only knew 9. Also, a few years ago, they wanted to decrease it to 8 by getting pluto out of the way. And now, these stupid people just told me that there are already 11, eleven fu*king planets? What the hell! Who just decided to have 11 planets? What exactly happened to pluto? What are the new planets? Ideas rattled in my head and I'm so unfortunate to just know the 9 planets.

If you didn't know that there are now 11 planets, you're not alone! This is the blog from Machinist Salon and click here for the article. If you're lazy as me, just scroll down!

Mnemonic for 11 planets sure beats "Roy G. Biv," "Homes"

Maryn Smith, a 10-year-old fourth-grader at Riverview Elementary School in Great Falls, Mont., knows that there are 11 planets in the solar system. In order of increasing distance from the sun, they are, of course, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Eris.

The trouble is, you and millions of Americans just like you don't know any of this.

You vaguely remember Venus because that's where ladies come from, and Mars because of the rock that looks like a face. And you've got no idea -- none, nada -- about Ceres and Eris, two of the solar system's dwarf planets, along with Pluto, which word conjures in your mind a picture of Mickey's dog.

So how to school you on space? This was Maryn's quest.

Inspired by a contest put on by the National Geographic Society, her class set about coming up with a mnemonic for the solar system's 11 planets. You know, like "Roy G. Biv" for the colors of the rainbow -- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet -- or, for the Great Lakes, "Homes" (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior).

Maryn won the contest with her thoroughly excellent phrase:

My Very Exciting Magic Carpet Just Sailed Under Nine Palace Elephants.

Mnemonics work when they're memorable. And Maryn's, which she says was inspired by "Aladdin," sure is. The magic carpet! Those palace elephants! How can you forget?

According to Maryn's local paper, other entries from her class included:

My Very Extraordinary Mother Carrie Just Served Us Nine Pizzas Each.


My Very Extraordinary Mother Can Jog Superly Under Nasty Particular Elves.

It's clear why those don't work: How would you remember that the mom's named Carrie? And "superly"? And what's the deal with elves being "particular"? It makes no sense! Not like the magic carpet and nine palace elephants, which is totally logical and right.

Maryn's mnemonic will be published in a forthcoming National Geographic book, "11 Planets: A New View of the Solar System."

According to the Associated Press -- and this part is totally true -- it will also be recorded into a song by Lisa Loeb.

"My Very Exciting Magic Carpet..." could be Loeb's biggest hit -- her only hit! -- since "Stay."

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cruz Beckham: A closer look!

Perez Hilton says in his blog:

Victoria Beckham brought b-boy Cruz, 3 years old, on stage during the final show of the Spice Girls reunion tour in Toronto on Tuesday.

Once again, he busted a move - breakdancing like he did during their New York show. Only things didn't go so well this time!

What happened????

Perezcious reader Cathy reports:

"Cruz gets on stage and totally tears it up just as he did in New York. He did some flips and spun on his head with a few of the Spice Boy dancers cheering him on beside the stage and of course - with the crowd going WILD!! The song ended and Victoria went to hand him over to her family and that's when he lost the plot - the kid DID NOT WANT TO GET OFF THE STAGE! He started sobbing and you was still crying when I look a moment later. HE LOVES THE CROWD!"

We are living for Cruz Beckham.

Superstar already!

This kid's got mad skillz!

(Video by Youtube)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jimmy Kimmel is Fu*king Ben Affleck

I love how Jimmy made those stars sing for him. Hilarious! (Video by

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The next Justin Timberlake: is Cruz Beckham?

Cruz Beckham is the youngest son (as of yet since the Beckhams are planning to have more) of David Beckham [the soccer god] and Victoria Beckham [spice girl]. Watch the video on how Cruz B. impress her mother's crowd during the spice girl's concert at Madison Square Garden. The spice girls brought their children on stage for the song "Mama". In the middle of the song, Cruz showed off his breakdancing skills (see videos below). He danced, did a handstand, headstand, forward rolls, and spun over his head as shown in last three photos. He's turning 3 on February 20--tomorrow. Click here and here and here for related articles. (Videos by Youtube; Images by PerezHilton, ViewImages &

Monday, February 18, 2008

Why everyone should live in Denmark

Watch the clip and know Denmark's keys to happiness.(Video by Yahoo!)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Peter interests Kristen - hilarious love letter

This is an example of how men picks up women--direct to the point, aggressive, and gutsy--the sweet bad boy way. I ripped off this letter from Kristen in her Facebook notes which are entirely adressed to all of her friends (which includes me). I find it very amusing that is why I am posting it here. I want you to guess if they ended up together. Enjoy! [NOTE: THIS LETTER IS NOT EDITED]

Dear Kristen Clark,

Hi, you looked so good in that pic on James Spray's girlfriends piczo site! Oh yah, my name is Peter and I think you are pretty.. pretty perfect for me;) Also I think, correction, KNOW that you would like me. Maybe you've heard of me? Peter Goggin. From FHS.. played a lot of sports? I was REALLY good so you probably know who i am. If not though then i have attached a picture for you. I am a big fan of late night talk shows and i have compiled a Top 10 list for reasons i think you would love me. I called it "The Top Ten Reasons You will Love Me". Here you go:

10. I am real
9. I am passionate about performing and singing
8. My music
7. I put my children first above fame
6. Me in wrangler jeans ;)
5. I am open-minded
4. I have a down to earth personality
3. I am humble
2. I love and respect other people including fans
1. I Am single!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so i did rip off Garth Brook's Top Ten Why Fans Love Him List.. but they all do apply to me in some way, shape, or form. So a little about me. I am Single, male, red hair, 6'4'' (which is good i hope because after analyzing a list of your old boyfriends, it seems you like to be smaller then the guy), I have recently been described as cuddly and warm, but my mother always exagerates so i dont know if that description means anything to you. AnyWho.. I am currently attending Saint Thomas University but i know you are in highschool and if you want to go somewheres away from Fredericton then thats fine, I can accomadate, maybe even transfer. Also, as i said, and you might already know, i am very athletic. I play many sports. I do occasionaly drink alcohol :S and from the pictures i examined i believe you do as well. However, i am very keen on driving so i can drive you around and then hang out or do anything you want, anytime you want, whereever.. I am not a virgin, but i hope that is ok with you. Also, Christmas is comming so you and I will both be off from school. I hope and wish that maybe we can find some time to hang out. Following is a timetable of possible hang out times and ideas. You can make what you want of it.

Friday December 23: Christmas Eve Eve.. movie theatres are open. Also i have a very nice house we can sit in.
Saturday December 24: Christmas Eve (Sort of a Family night :S.. sorry..)
Sunday December 25th: My family starts opening presents at 10 am so if you can come by at around 9:30-9:45 that would be ok.
Monday through Friday: 9:00am-11:30 Possiblemovie time.
11:30-1:00 Lunch
2-10pm Movies, nature walks, anything else. Whatever you want.
Saturday (New Years Eve) I will pick you up at 8 o'clock. My family does a fondue and we bought an extra skewer for you.

You can pick from any of those days or if you have any other suggestions then let me know. My email is If i dont reply then send a message to my father at and he can send me our email or call me immediately. Following is my contact information:

Name: Peter Goggin
Address: 435 Parkhurst Drive
Phone (home): 457-9867
Phone (cell): 461-6978
Phone (old work phone): 472-8957
Marital Status: You tell me ;)

Hopefully everything here is enough and almost too much for you. I will hear from you soon or see you on new years at least. I Love you.
-Peter Goggin

Saturday, February 16, 2008

what should my room look like?

A month ago, my mom decided that we should swap rooms because at that time I had the biggest room and she had a big room but not as big as what I had. She thought that her old room isn't too big enough for her treasures (i.e. bags, shoes, dresses, uniforms (because she's a nurse), etc.). She also said that I should seek what colors I wanted to paint my room with. I never really cared since painting my room is just too much work for me. However, while browsing at MSN, I found this neat article about psychology of colors. It makes me rethink her offer. To save you from too much clicking, here's the article:

The psychology of colour
Rules of thumb for predicting the effect your colour choices will have in an interior space.
By Jonathan Poore, with photography by Eric Roth

The psychology of colour is a rich and complex subject. It represents a field of study and research in and of itself. The psychology of colour is also influenced by cultural and regional biases. There are, however, certain rules of thumb that can be used when attempting to predict and control the psychological effect a colour might produce in an interior space. If you have any doubts, though, it is safest to test a colour in your space before committing to it.

One important consideration is the position of the colour in the space. The same colour will appear very different on the floor versus on the wall versus on the ceiling. As an experiment, take a large swatch of colour and hold it in each of these three different orientations. The starkest difference is the ceiling orientation, which makes the colour appear grayer. The position of a colour in the space also has a significant impact on the psychological effect of the colour. For example, a rich burgundy carpet on the floor will feel warm, solid, and almost regal. That same burgundy on the ceiling will most likely look heavy, intrusive, and disturbing. So, orientation is a key consideration when you are trying to predict the psychological effect of a colour selection.

Each colour creates a relatively commonly shared set of psychological associations. These associations vary slightly from person to person, and they vary significantly depending on the context and surrounding colours. Still, it is helpful to have a set of general points of reference to better understand the psychological effect that each colour creates.

Common colour associations
• Red -- arousing, exciting, stimulating. It is also considered to be strong and masculine. It is a warm colour and is often thought of as actually hot. It advances relative to other colours, making it appear closer. Red is associated with passion and vigour.

• Pink -- soft, acquiescent, sensuous. As red shifts to pink, it often shifts gender association from masculine to feminine.

• Orange -- exciting, stimulating, intense. The liveliness of orange has an almost whimsical quality that is less serious than red.

• Peach -- soft, sunny, warm. Soft peach has a feminine quality to it.

• Yellow -- luminous, sunny, cheerful. Soft yellows can seem expansive and open, which magnifies the feeling of spaciousness. Intense, pure yellows can seem acidic and irritating in large amounts but whimsical and energizing in smaller amounts.

• Pale yellow -- neutral, expansive. As yellow pales, it loses its colour and requires a cool adjacent colour to react with to have any colour dynamic in the space.

• Green -- restful, relaxing, quiet. Deep greens can be somber by themselves but become fresh and full of life when contrasted against warmer colours. Pure greens have an association with vegetation.

• Pale green -- lively when mixed with yellow. More quiet and introspective when mixed with blue.

• Blue -- peaceful, calm, tranquil. Blue, when used in large amounts in its pure hues, can feel cool and melancholy.

• Pale blue -- atmospheric, calm, spacious. Pale, cool blue tends to recede and, therefore, often makes spaces feel larger, especially when used on high ceilings.

• Blue-green -- blue-green in its deeper forms is rich and complex. It spans the psychological associations of blue and green and often changes character with the changing light. Pale blue-green has a dense, atmospheric quality but does not recede as dramatically as pale blue.

• Purple/violet -- rich, regal, mystical. Purple has both a calm yet mysterious psychological association. Deeper purples and violets have a powerful yet introspective association.

• Pale purple/lavender -- soft, sensual, quiet. Pale purple and lavender often have a feminine association.

• White -- purity, light, cleanliness. White has strong associations, even though we are often not fully aware of them. When used in excessive amounts, white feels sterile.

• Black -- power, elegance, dignity. Black also has strong psychological associations. When used in excessive amounts, black feels oppressive.

• Grey -- conservative, quiet, calm. When mixed with quiet browns, grey can combine a warm richness with the sense of quiet dignity.

• Brown -- earthy, stabile, secure. Brown is associated with the earth and natural materials. It often conveys a sense of permanence and familiarity.


This Chinese red canopy bed creates a warm sense of enclosure and protection, especially in juxtaposition to the cooler green walls outside the enclosure. The red colour advances, creating a sense of being wrapped in warmth.

The deep-red alcove creates a powerful sense of enclosure for the sofa. The strong colour contributes to this commanding sense of closure more so than the actual shape of the space.

Even though the heavy classical architectural detailing of this bathroom has a masculine quality to it, the soft pink colours give the space a feminine balance

This classically detailed hallway is an interior space with no natural light. The warm peach colour creates a soft, sunny quality where there is no actual sun.

The cheerful yellow kitchen feels as though it is bathed in luminous sunlight. The green brick backsplash creates a subtle focal point at the vintage range.

This lively orange kitchen is chock-full of whimsically coloured details. The colours are all in balanced harmony so that the whole effect is stimulating but very easy to live with.

The soft green tonality of this study creates a sense of quiet repose for someone who needs a calm environment in which to focus on tasks.

The quiet, calm blues on this porch invite you to relax in the rocking chair.

The pale blue colours in this bedroom create a sense of atmospheric spaciousness even though the room is actually rather compact. The bright yellow and gold accents warm and enliven the space.

The crisp, contemporary detailing in this dining room is balanced with the soft lavender and purples, which create a quiet and sensual dining environment.

The exquisitely detailed art glass and decorative furniture inlays are dramatically set off by their respective black frames. The colour work in these ornate design features is vividly contrasted against the dark background, much the way jewels are set in a black velvet-lined jewelry box.

The multiple tones of white create a subtle layering in this living room. The gold and wood tones create balanced accents to add richness.

The deep earth tones combined with layers of history and patina give this living room a timeless sense of place and permanence.

This quiet grey living room conveys a sense of conservative sophistication, which is enriched by well-balanced subtle brown and green accents.

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