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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The next Justin Timberlake: is Cruz Beckham?

Cruz Beckham is the youngest son (as of yet since the Beckhams are planning to have more) of David Beckham [the soccer god] and Victoria Beckham [spice girl]. Watch the video on how Cruz B. impress her mother's crowd during the spice girl's concert at Madison Square Garden. The spice girls brought their children on stage for the song "Mama". In the middle of the song, Cruz showed off his breakdancing skills (see videos below). He danced, did a handstand, headstand, forward rolls, and spun over his head as shown in last three photos. He's turning 3 on February 20--tomorrow. Click here and here and here for related articles. (Videos by Youtube; Images by PerezHilton, ViewImages &

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