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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Funny Video #7: Why you should buy your girlfriend a Wii Fit?

Last Christmas, my mom was supposed to buy me Wii Console, but instead she didn't because I wasn't like my brother who keeps on tingling her ears about buying the new PSP silver model. My brother got his Christmas gift and I did not. I wasn't entirely sad because I have a nintendo DS in my room to play with. But this video, makes me think twice if I should have forced my mother to buy me a Wii Console where you can apply a Wii Fit. This is the best thing since slice bread... and you should have your girlfriend do the hula-hoop. She'll drive you bonkers.

In Canada, a place where almost everyone gets fat, should invest in this. I think it boosts sex life. Cheers to more sex!

Now, if you're a girl (or gay or straight curious) try watching this former playgirl model do it in a thong.

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pacman never fails!

I know I'm late with the news. It was Canada Day yesterday, July 1, where I exceptionally embarassed and humiliated myself to the tune of Ati-atihan drumbeats and whistle. I was leading the Filipino Association of New Brunswick being the sound of the whole contingent. I was a one man show for sounds.

While walking during the parade, Jerome shared to me the news about Pacquiao. He told me Pacman won in the ninth round TKO. My response was, "Man, how could I miss the fight?" I was actually noting that fight in my journal that I SHOULD watch it. I even read Pacquiao's wikipedia entry for confirmation. However, I think I was already expecting him to win. I'd be more surprised if he freakin' lost to that wimp. Pacquaio winning is not much of a news now. With him losing makes me more excited about the idea, but, I don't want it to happen. Never! Of course, I'm Filipino! Keep the Pinoy Proud Pacman!

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