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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Funny Video #7: Why you should buy your girlfriend a Wii Fit?

Last Christmas, my mom was supposed to buy me Wii Console, but instead she didn't because I wasn't like my brother who keeps on tingling her ears about buying the new PSP silver model. My brother got his Christmas gift and I did not. I wasn't entirely sad because I have a nintendo DS in my room to play with. But this video, makes me think twice if I should have forced my mother to buy me a Wii Console where you can apply a Wii Fit. This is the best thing since slice bread... and you should have your girlfriend do the hula-hoop. She'll drive you bonkers.

In Canada, a place where almost everyone gets fat, should invest in this. I think it boosts sex life. Cheers to more sex!

Now, if you're a girl (or gay or straight curious) try watching this former playgirl model do it in a thong.

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