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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Saving myself a gallon of coffee at a time.

October was definitely a tough month and no motivation has touched me, even a single pinch or poke. All I thought were problems that aren't even mine in the beginning. Tough training. Aside from that, midterms were just flying away like I haven't seen them coming. Now, I wish I would already message my Psychology professor and tell him that I missed my first midterm.

When I was in Philippines, October was usually a time for happiness or solitude or grief. I was mainly happy not because getting high grades was second nature but because the term is done. In Canada, October for me is a time for realization. The bad realization that I haven't been in class for too long. It is such a bitch to ask classmates for notes.

The formula for catching up is easy but takes lots of time. A day spent in the library is probably a day you'll never regret. It is the day times all the days of the week and times four because you'll spend quality time with yourself and your books for the fair fraction of your monthly schedule.

Expensive starbucks can sometimes be of help because it is just right in the corner of the library. My first meal of the day is coffee and some apple fritters. It is one of those times where a cup of coffee is just my first of the next fifteen cups to drink on a single day, I'm glad that my diuretics aren't complaining. I'm just probably mindless.

I found refuge in coffee. I hope it's a good thing.

So, where are the beers?

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