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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The love-torture music relationship

The love for pop music + the evolution or torture of its contemporary

I always loved music since I was born. The music on the radio oftentimes hums me to sleep during my childhood. My mom is always too tired from work to sing me to sleep. My nanny doesn't like singing me to sleep because her confidence lies only in singing in the bathroom. She wasn't bad. Buying a radio was always a good day for me because my mom would subsidize a portion of the money plus my saved money to buy any brand that I like (usually Sony). Choosing form, function, and features is usually on top of my mind with direct reference on the previous radio I have and thinking how to get a better one. My dad has a bad taste on radios, he doesn't come with me when I buy one.

Every radio that I owned is always tuned to my favorite station in town. Most radio stations of the small town that I live in plays pop music. This genre of music has been my base symphony where I expand myself into appreciating other types of genre. Most, if not all, people that I grew up with loved pop music. Pop music is life every music countdown. The music countdown is a fall back when one does not do anything on a Friday night. My classmates and I always talk about it on Monday the following week. During every weekend, I always study with a little humming music in the background--usually classical music--because that is how my brain progress forward by following the music.

Since Miley Cyrus released her single 'Party in the USA', I know that her song could be transcended from being a mere pop music. The title of the song is just ostensibly provocative that it can be understood from the hipsters of the south to the postmodernists of the east. And who doesn't like to party in the USA? None. Everyone likes to party even rednecks. I checked youtube for the evolution of Miley's 'Party in the USA' song and I was successful.

Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus (Official Music Video)

Miley's creativity was pushed further into techno and rap remixes. Check the best two techno remixes and best two rap remixes of the song below.

Miley Cyrus X PinkxMuffinX

Miley Cyrus X DJ Dark Intensity

Miley Cyrus X Konflict5206

Miley Cyrus X Mikey Jay

I also checked the interpretation of the video by various substrata of the population. Below are the best two video remixes for the lack of a better word.

Party in the FIP

Party in the MLC

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