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Monday, November 26, 2007

Calculus Professors are assholes!

I'm pissed off right now thinking that i wasn't able to pass my assignment about some "calculus of rainbows." Why would a sedentary man care about the angle of incidence (α), angle of refraction(β), and angle of deviation [D(α)] of the sun's rays entering the multitude sprinkles of water in the sky? Why would anyone care about the formation of the primary rainbow and the secondary rainbow? I guess Aristotle would, incorporated by the ideas of Descartes and Newton, then nerds would likely do so. So why would a common college student like me would give a f*ck about the shape, location, and colors of rainbows?

Could someone just explain D(α) = (α - β) + (π - 2β) + (α – β) = π + 2α - 4β and how these characters would make me rich? It is extremely not a common occurence where I find myself staring the sky with someone and luckily we both see a rainbow. I would just outrageously utter with coincidence that senseless irrational formula and we will both find ourselves shocked (as if the sky is sparkling like gold). That would never make sense (for both of us), even if I would play a know-it-all guy. These things just don't happen at all. Never!

My concept of Calculus professors haven't changed since I had my first taste of 3rd year Calculus in RTPM-Dumaguete Regional Science High School. They're completely weird and have a different sense of humor. In rare cases, they can teach very well. However, on common issues, they universaly regarded as perforated bunch of aliens with different understanding and standpoint kind-of-species having the resemblance of man. Where was I when God threw math/calculus genuity? Oh nevermind, come to think of it , I wouldn't be as normal as I would be now if I had caught the unique talent.

Now it's time to concentrate on the finals and virtually ace it with the help of Math Help Centre.

<---This is the bullsh*t that I've been taking.

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