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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The presence or absence of a #1 Dad.

I wish I had a number one Dad. The dad that gives me a reason to buy a tie.

In this season of Father's Day, I envy my friends who is trying their best or at least giving effort in finding a gift for their dad on Father's Day. Although I stay away and create alibis so that I can't go with them and look for "the gift" because I might just feel jealous, I forward them links like five presents for dad that are better than ties so that at least I was of help in their short-term dilemma on gift-buying. Even if I'm one of those lazy friends who would suggest that a tie would suffice as a gift because it is one of those moments that I may have ran out of ideas, however, knowing the innocent taste of friends and the dilly dally attitude when shopping, I highly suggest that they order on online stores. I think a smart shopper nowadays, who doesn't have the time to go to the mall, orders their goods online (except for groceries). While surfing on the net, I suggested to a friend that he should buy this university stripes tie with bunny skulls.

Call me frantic but I think it's cute. I would certainly wear it if I were a business student doing class presentations (the hip student) or when i become a dad (the hip dad). Also, it makes a dad the coolest guy in the office if he wears that!

However, If you knew that your older sister and your younger are also buying a tie for your dad, I wouldn't risk my dad looking like a tie store in the office or being pushed around on who's tie to wear the day after Father's Day. If the choice could be anything other than tie, exploring an inner creativity and make homemade gifts to give to a dad is one good idea. The selection range is more diverse than ever: you can compose a song, write a heartfelt card, or paint a picture of your dad. It's your call. I think it would be the sweetest if you'd make an essay to your dad and tell him what is the best advice he gave to you. In that way, it makes a dad not only feel contented and reassured that he is doing a good job, but he would be able to know that he was successful in raising you as his kid. I would be the happiest man if I know I raised my kids well.

There is a catch in all these gift-giving season. It is not just Father's Day. No. All season that requires gift giving should have a big consideration in this highly important matter of trash and environment. Any buyer should be mindful of everything and anything he/she buys. Even if I am not a hardcore environmentalist, being green isn't just a fad but because being green is urgent. We can talk about that some other time. If you're worried that what you're going to buy may hurt the environment, try looking up these
12 green gifts dad will love
. It will not only make your dad happy but also you don't hurt the environment. Ties can also be made of organic materials (see picture below), and they can be so chic yet so environment-friendly.

The very essence of Father's Day is celebrating the story of daddyhood. It is you. You are the story of your dad, in his presence or absence, you remain to be the successor of the memories of what it takes to be a dad.

Now, if the tie I bought could just look for its owner.


Happy Father's Day to the condomless. The moral/joke: "You wouldn't want a child as stubborn as you." You can buy condoms just like this chinese condom with David Beckham semi-naked. You'd feel humping like a soccer superstar!

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