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Monday, June 16, 2008

How to amp your style in 30 days: My Day 1

I have a new favorite site but it's a secret (although you can guess it by finding it among the links on the right side of this blog). Now, while scrolling, I found this "How to amp your style in 30 days". I don't exactly need this kind of medicine, however, I think I could benefit from this through adaptation. I just started today, so June 16 is my Day 1 of amping my style.


Know Your Size
DAY 1: Monday, June 16, 2008
By Adam Rapoport, GQ Style Editor

Let's start with suits. They're the building blocks of your style upgrade, and every guy needs a few in his closet. (We'll tell you exactly how many and which ones, by the way, on Day 5.) But if you've ever set foot in a department store, you know that the choices can be overwhelming, frustrating, and flat-out confusing. That's where GQ's expert fashion team comes in. Over the next five days, we'll break down the essentials of finding the perfect suit and show you how to take control of the situation.

In today's video, we'll consider something that sounds obvious but is not. The most crucial element of a suit is its fit, and not many sales guys understand how a suit should fit or, more specifically, how you want yours to fit. Before you step into a dressing room, get a handle on the various components of a suit.

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