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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Funny Video #2: Bulgarian Music Idol Audition

I can't just stop laughing. I'm still gasping my breath right now after I saw this youtube video posted at the McVie Show, Season 7 (some filipino blogger). If my first funny video wasn't enough, here's something that's going to tickle you to the bones. Unless if you have a dry sense of humor, you'll probably just try watching this video. If American Idol auditions weren't scary enough that it attracted millions of viewers, this single audtion of Bulgarian Idol had millions of views at youtube. Check out why and tell me what you think.

[UPDATE] Her name is Valentina Hassan. Check out my Funny Video #4 for her improved English Version as she returns to Bulgarian Music Idol.

1 comment:

Jake Jason said...

pagkamugna over2x ni manang! haha

this is yo[u]

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