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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Funny Video #1: My All by Jerryboi

It's Spring Break Day #2 and I'm looking for something that could amuse my day. I have probably seen most of the funny clips of the Colbert Report or the Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Youtube which urged me to look for videos at a different environment. Also, Southpark and Family Guy are starting to bore me with their obscene scenes. Since I have a multiply account which is also a good video bank, I began to browse for some funny stuff. Looking for a labeled funny video that are funny was a little bit of a challenge. I doesn't make sense to me why people post crappy videos and stolen ones. However, this video posted by one of my multiply friends (cha02xx) really made my morning. I personally have a shallow sense of humor that is why I easily laugh at videos like these. Watch!

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