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Friday, April 4, 2008

Funny Video #5: Sarah Silverman to Matthew McConaughey Movie

You know that time when you're just browsing the internet and you've bumped into youtube (because it's just the coolest site evarrr) and you've watched several clips and everything goes chain reaction from the first interesting clip you saw. Well, that just happened to me! Since I read Perez Hilton, and it's like he knows all the news around Hollywood, I browsed quickly and saw that it was Jimmy Kimmel's 1000th episode last night. Perez talked about him before when his girlfriend, Sarah Silverman, made a video about her fu*king Matt Damon. I'm not a fan of Jimmy Kimmel because he's not like Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert but I do laugh at his jokes. So I went into the youtube (the coolest site evarrr), and watched Jimmy Kimmel's 1000th episode. Little did I know that his guests were Eva Longoria, Kid Rock, and guess who? Richard Simmons!!! I said "OH MY GOD I don't know him!" Well, Richard Simmons is pretty much popular elsewhere especially in the 80's because he's such a health guru who wears dolphin shorts everywhere and claims to have 300 pairs. So, I watched the clip of Jimmy Kimmel Live with Richard Simmons entitled "My Day with Richard Simmons". It was friggin' hilarious! So I just continued on and on and on and on and on until I ended up with Matthew McConaughey. It was such a journey of laughter and hilarity and ridiculousness (if there is such a word). Let me take you to the first interesting vid I watched and how everything turned up into Matthew McConaughey.

Jimmy Kimmel's 1000th Show Opening

Richard Simmon's entered Jimmy's show with 1000th Swarovski crystals on his top

Jimmy's Day with Richard Simmons

the next interesting clip: Sarah Silverman is Fucking Matt Damon (on Jimmy Kimmel Live) Part 1

Part 2

Jimmy Kimmel's Response to Sarah Silverman (Jimmy Kimmel is Fucking Ben Affleck)

Now, Jimmy Kimmel invites Matt Damon on his show.

Matt Damon got punk'd by Jimmy's protege

Matt Damon got punk'd again

Matt Damon does Matthew McConaughey Texas Accent

Matthew McConaughey Reacts to Matt Damon Impersonation

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