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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Funny Video #3: SU-CBA AD made me BARF!

To all high school graduates of 2008, don't let these videos mislead you. If you're planning to try College of Business Administration at SU, don't worry it's not as scary as these videos might depict (or I might be telling a lie).

Trivia Question: Is it true that one of the actors of the ad can't even graduate and had been staying in school for n years now? n years!!! Talk about incoherence. Ad 1 and Ad 2 are done by coke. Guess the actor and answer our poll at the bottom.

SU-CBA advertisement 1

SU-CBA advertisement 2



jordan said...

That was a joke, right? A post-April Fool's post? Humaygawd! High School students are wise enough to believe such... such... indescribable thing.

Earl Denver said...

the sad thing is that... IT IS NOT A JOKE!!!

that's actually CBA's ad for incoming freshmen for this year...

who would have thought?

this is yo[u]

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