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Monday, January 7, 2008

Nothing really special for the first day

I remember when I was in kindergarten and elementary whenever I came from Christmas and New Year's break, english teachers would want us to write an essay about what transpired in the days of festivities when everyone was out of school and with their families. Often, Filipino teachers would also follow and wants to add another load by letting us write it in Filipino. I don't necessarily miss those day since I wasn't really good at both English and Filipino (but I can say I was fairly good in conversing both and had excellent grades), however, I miss the idea of a post-vacation setting in a small classroom.

It is sad to think that I am once again back in a enormous setting of people coming back from their white Christmas. It is the start of winter term of my first year at university here in Canada. Last fall term (i.e. last semester), I felt that I just had the worst waiting season of my life. Given the wait I had, I thought I could have finished a degree by the end of December. But it wasn't, It was just a very long and exhausting term.

Usually, I buy myself a good pair of polos, and new pair of pants (and sometimes a new pair of shoes) for the first day. That is how special it was for me back then. I treat first day of school as a first impression type of thing. Well, that's what I think. I think people judge other people during first impressions and that usually happens on first day of school. It's a lame reality. But now, I did not buy me anything.

I am not surprised that I always wake up very early for the first day of class which is on the contrary of not going to class at all during the last days of the term. That is how I work my schedule but not all the time. I knew that this is a typical Filipino trait which is called ningas cogon or whatever that was. Please tell me if I am wrong, I think I removed the portion of my brain containing sibika at kultura. And so I woke up early, earlier than the time when my alarm sounded. I did pray (oh yes, I prayed!). I was hoping that the term would be smoother than the last term I had. I was the first person who woke up (probably an hour earlier) not that I am excited but because I was alot of things done today.

I am having my first class at 8:30 in the morning which would run everyday this term, a Chemistry for MWF and a Physiology for TTH. It sucks because I never had any discipline of waking up early every day for an entire semester, much less for an entire year. Probably because I am not a morning person and never was I. I was always a late comer for first period classes since then, and it fluctuates sometimes. It sometimes changes if and only if I am in a very interesting class.

My chemistry class today was a little lax. Our very incompetent professor released us 10 minutes after she was done talking. She was just going over the syllabus and that was just it! She is much likely to be somewhat similar as a typical Filipino teacher on a first day of class basis. However, the rest of my day was a full load of lectures and my professors spent every inch of time to explain the topic designated for today.

The Biology professor for this term is a little bit challenging. She wants us to take down notes in every class. This only means that a student should attend all classes in order to get all the lectures. Also, the student should also spend a significant amount of reading before going to class. I personally think that she is good and I will be interested in her class as we progress.

My wellness professor also spent her time talking about the topic for today. Although it wasn't an in depth discussion, I think I will be able to learn from our discussions in the coming days. She gave us a small getting to know talk with my fellow classmates that is the usual activity I get whenever it's first day. We had this one whole sheet of paper and she asked us to ask people (i.e. classmates) to write into it if every he/she experienced it during the holidays. It wasn't that fun but it's a good way to waste time.

I was supposed to have a Chemistry tutorial tonight but it is moved next week. Well, it should be moved since there wasn't really anything special going on.

By now, I am ready to continue all my tasks and errands, I still have alot to finish before this day ends. I am glad I enjoyed a 6 degrees Celsius sunshine today and was directly poured by rain in the afternoon. I am glad I had a good lunch made by my mother--her special pasta! I just felt small happiness. However, the entirety wasn't a grandeur.

It has been a very usual first day as many would think. I hadn't meet any new friends although alot of new faces have been calling my name. I hadn't really had any bit of excitement to spend the day. I was just feeling nothing, and I just realized there's nothing really good to be indifferent. It's a mediocre thing, but sometimes I think, It's better to be safe. Although not for long...

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